You Can Take Me Out Of Manhattan, But You Can’t Take Me Out Of My Shoes..

Hi guys. I’m finally home after spending several hours walking around in the city. So now my feet are hurting and the blisters has decided to stay. Fashion really hurt sometimes; the high heels has to go to the outfit, no matter how many miles you’re planning to walk during shopping. I bought some cuteContinue reading “You Can Take Me Out Of Manhattan, But You Can’t Take Me Out Of My Shoes..”

The City That Never Sleeps

Earlier today I suddenly decided to do another spontaneous thing, like usual. I was really in need for a bed-change and wanted a “getaway” from Tarrytown and the life on campus. I booked the apartment we rented a few moths ago for the whole weekend, so at the moment, I’m laying in a comfy bigContinue reading “The City That Never Sleeps”

A Day At The Upper East Side

“Spotted – Grand Central: This is where it all begins. Or ends. Where S returned from boarding school, where B headed to Yale, and where D and S struck up an unlikely romance.” Today V and I went to Manhattan to walk around and do some window shopping. But as always, I manage to spendContinue reading “A Day At The Upper East Side”


After the exhibition yesterday I met V and we went to have dinner at Hard Rock Café since we had not been eating there before because there’s always a long line. Yesterday there was no line since we were kind of early. The american lifestyle is starting to catch up with me, I guess. ItContinue reading “THE NORWEGIAN SEAMEN’S CHURCH”


Igår hadde jeg en utrolig kort skoledag, bare to timer engelsk også fikk vi gå etter ti minutter med “Computerized Fashion Design“. Vi skal nemlig velge mellom Apparel Construction og Computerized FD dette semester og ta det andre faget etter jul. Jeg valgte Apparel Construction først fordi det er hva jeg interesserer meg mest for,Continue reading “THE CITY NEVER SLEEPS”