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  • My Massive USA Make-Up Haul | Sephora & Drugstore!

    My Massive USA Make-Up Haul | Sephora & Drugstore!

    Hello World ♥ I really hope you’re all doing wonderful and that you’re enjoying your week so far! This week I’ve been having some trouble sleeping and I feel incredible tired at the moment. Hopefully that will go away after a good night sleep! I’m pretty excited for next week.. My school is starting and I can…

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  • Huge Gift Guide For Her | Make-Up, Hair, Clothing & More!

    Huge Gift Guide For Her | Make-Up, Hair, Clothing & More!

    Hello World ♥ Black Friday is right around the corner – and what suits better than to give you some of my best christmas gift ideas!? I’ve been shopping around for the perfect items to show you in this guide for the past weeks and I’m so excited to share all my tips and tricks with you…

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  • Massive Fall Beauty Haul | Sephora, Makeup Mekka & More!

    Massive Fall Beauty Haul | Sephora, Makeup Mekka & More!

    Happy Saturday ♥ I hope you’re all warm and cosy in this incredible cold fall weather. Maybe you want to do a little online shopping as a treat to yourself for something great you’ve finished or just because you want to get a new product? In that case.. I have a lot of wonderful beauty products…

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  • Back To School | Fall Try-On Clothing Haul

    Back To School | Fall Try-On Clothing Haul

    Happy Weekend! How’s your Saturday going? ♥ I’m about to sit down and film two new videos – yay! I finally get to test out my new canon 70d which I’m so incredible excited about! If you’re subscribed to my youtube channel you’ve probably seen this video already, since this blogpost was supposed to go…

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  • Huge Sephora Haul | Denmark/Sweden Edition ✈

    Huge Sephora Haul | Denmark/Sweden Edition ✈

    Hello Beauties! ♥ Hope your weekend has been treating you well. Today school has officially started which means that I need to hurry back into my daily routines which I’ve lost track off this summer – but over to something a little more exciting and what this blogpost is really about ⇒ new and exciting make-up products ♥ So…

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  • Huge Collective Beauty Haul

    Huge Collective Beauty Haul

    Hi loves ♥ Summer has finally arrived, or at least it felt like it last week. This week.. Not so much! It’s pouring down outside and it feel a lot more like we skipped summer for fall. So about a couple of weeks ago I got a little carried away and bought some new and exciting beauty products for…

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  • Huge Spring Haul 2016 | Beauty + Fashion Must-Haves

    Huge Spring Haul 2016 | Beauty + Fashion Must-Haves

    Happy Monday, lovebugs ♥ I really hope your weekend has been treating you well. I’m still on my vacation for one more week – and I’m so pleased about it! If only the weather could be a little nicer. It has been stormy and raining non-stop for two days now. So depressing! But to something more…

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  • These Flats Are Made For Walking

    These flats by Michael Kors are just amazing to walk in. I already have one pair in black which has to be my favorite flats of all time. The sole used in these ones doesn’t make your feet hurt after a little walking around in comparison to a lot of others flats I own. I’m now…

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  • Something New

    Hi guys ♥! So I’ve been doing a little shopping lately, and some of you’ll probably think I’m crazy or that I have some kind of decease, but the truth is that I’ve just been trading my obsession with shoes for a make-up obsession instead. I love to try out new products, see what works best…

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  • Huge Beauty Haul

    Hi guys! So I just got back from a little shopping spree – and I thought I’d show you all the new beauty things I picked up both today and last weekend. I found so many cute things that I can’t wait to try out! I also went to IKEA where I bought some new stuff…

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  • Dress Boom

    So I’ve got the greatest news ever to share with you guys. In collaboration with NELLY, I’m pleased to tell you about their dress boom days. From today nelly has over 70 dresses on sale, where you can get anyone of them for only 200 NOK. You can also get as many as 5 dresses for…

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  • Which One?

    When I’m out traveling, I always have some things I just have to do, such as visiting stores like Sephora and Zara. I can’t even start to explain how sad it is that I’m not just able to just jump in my car and drive to the stores – or I can, if I’m up…

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  • 3 Tops

    I love, love, love tops like these three down under. What’s perfect about them is that you can wear them both day and night. If you’re going out and you got little time to get ready – simply just switch from pants to skirt and the outfit will turn out totally different. So simple, yet…

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  • Mid Season Sale

    Hi loves ♥  This week has been crazy hectic, and I’ve still got tons of work to do. Luckily the easter vacation starts on friday – so I’ll be able to get a lot done before school starts again! Puh! I can’t believe it’s only one month left before I’ll have to turn on the beast…

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  • Need Shoes

    As I was scrolling through my regular online stores – I found these amazing shoes. Every girl loves shoes, right? So who doesn’t want a new pair in their wardrobe? My obsession hasn’t stopped – and I guess it never will. These are perfect for a lot of occasions, such as a night out or…

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  • Baby, It’s Cold Outside

    As fall is sneaking up on us, and it’s about to get a lot colder out there. I’ve been getting some inspiration from different street style pictures and put together a little guide for you to enjoy when shopping for your new fall/winter wardrobe. Hope you like it! Every fashionista should have a faux fur…

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  • Canon EOS 600D

    I’m so excited. I finally got myself a new Canon SLR. I bought my 450d a couple of years ago, so it was definitely time for a change. I’ve had my eyes on this camera for a while for many reasons. What I love the most is the flip-screen – this makes taking pictures a lot easier…

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  • Shopping Spree

    Hi loves ♥ How’s everything? Did anyone do something fun this weekend? I had the most relaxed weekend ever where the couch turned out to be my new best friend. I almost feel guilty for consuming only sweets and alcohol. Luckily for me – tomorrow’s monday and I get to start fresh! It’s time to cleanse my…

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  • Spike It Up

    I’ve been having a huge thing for spikes and studs lately. Almost everytime I see something with spikes I instantly have to get it. So when I saw these items from NVNKD I totally fell in love. Why don’t spice up your outfit a little this fall?   My favorite brands who really has taken spikes to…

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  • Shoe Obsession Disorder

    If heavy shoe obsession could have a name it should definitely be SOD – shoe obsession disorder, and I would probably be one of the many people suffering from that decease. Yesterday I got a total of 8 new pair in my fantastic collection. Yeah, I’m insane, and yes, I collect shoes! And believe it…

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