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  • Make-Up Collection & Vantiy Tour

    Make-Up Collection & Vantiy Tour

    Hi loves ♥ At this moment I’m in Denmark on vacation and I’m so sorry about my absent here on my blog. I really need to get myself together and start to blog like I used to, but life has been hectic and kind of getting in the way.. We all do have those months, don’t…

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  • My Year In Pictures – 2014

    My Year In Pictures – 2014

    2014 was for me, both a blessing and a lesson. I had some great moments, and there were months I didn’t know what to do! I got lost, but in the end I found myself again, and I found a goal that I will manage to reach. Since we’re soon entering February, I thought I’d…

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  • Unpack With Me – New Place

    Unpack With Me – New Place

    Hi loves! ♥ It has been awhile since my last blogpost, and therefore, some of you may not know that I’ve moved to a new place. My life has been pretty hectic and in boxes for the past two weeks. I’ve now realised that I have way too much stuff, and I found it quite…

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  • MIA

    Long time, no see! I’m totally aware of me being completely MIA when it comes to my blogging these last few weeks –  and I’m really sorry about that, but I’ve been having some pretty hectic weeks where I lost any and all motivation to blog. School has started again, which for me means hours of studying…

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  • Lost And Found?

    Morning loves ♥ I hope you’re all going great! I’ve been a bit quiet these last few days as I decided to take some time for myself after receiving a terrible phone call. Since I’m not that into sharing very personal stuff about me or anyone I know on my blog I won’t share it with…

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  • Home Is Where The Heart Is

    Happy friday guys ♥ Hope you’re all doing wonderful! I’m back home after spending two amazing weeks in Spain. I totally wish we’d stayed for at least one more week (even if the weather here is great as well) but there’s something about being away from home, and not to mention the palm trees, clear blue ocean…

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  • Hola Bonitas ♥

    Hope you’re all doing wonderful! My bf and I are having a blast here in amazing Spain. The weather couldn’t be any better, the sun is shining and there’s not a cloud in sight!! This was absolute the perfect time to get away and have some time to ourselves after the last busy few months. I just…

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  • Bon Voyage

    Happy fun(sun)day folks ♥  I’m about to pack my bags for this years summer vacation and since I’m a paranoid freak about packing (always thinking I’m going to forget something) I made a list to make it all a little easier. Packing naturally is a complete dilemma for me. I already know that I’ll end…

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  • Lately On

    Morning sweeties! I’m just poppin’ by to share some of my latest instagram photos with you before I’m heading to the mall for some errands. If you aren’t following me already – you can find my account here. Do you have instagram? If you do, please let me know. I would love to follow you!…

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  • The City

    Happy Tuesday! I’m sorry for my blog being down yesterday, but I wanted to change something about the design. And as you can see – it didn’t quite go the way I planned, so this will be the temporary design for a couple of days! But the most important point is that my posts gets out there,…

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  • Walk With Confidence

    Some of my favorite quotes from iconic fashion designers –  so you all can get little inspired; Enjoy the rest of your saturday ♥ Anyone doing something special?  

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  • It Always Seems Impossible Until It’s DONE.

    I finally made it. I genuinely can’t believe today is the day where I’m packing away my books for good – at least some of them! It’s been an horrifying month, filled with books and notes, but I’ve officially completed seven exams in just three weeks. If someone where to tell me this a year ago…

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  • ¿Puedes hablar un poco sobre … ?

    ¡Hola! I guess you can figure out just by reading the headline above that I’ve been spending all day reading and writing spanish, except for a little run-away to Starbucks for my very needed non-fat frappechino with my sis. My oral exam is tomorrow already – which means practice, practice and more practice, but luckily it will…

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  • Le Weekend

    Happy weekend guys ♥ I was supposed to post this much much earlier, but I’ve been running errands until now. Yesterday, I literarily spent the whole day at school. Of course I was the last one on the list and had to wait for hours before I finally got to have my exam. I really need to…

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  • Say What?

    Hi you ♥ I really hope your day has been a little more exciting than mine has been and will be for the rest of this evening. If you’re interested in knowing how I’ve spent these last two days, I’ve gotten the pictures that will tell you pretty much the whole story; the office looks like…

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  • Tips – Get Inspired & Motivated

    Today I thought I’d share some tips on how to stay inspired and motivated through times when you’ve gotten a little lost. As a blogger and student I sometimes loose my spirit and some days even feels quite heavy on my shoulders. You may feel related to these cases in one point or another –…

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  • My Dolce & I

    Evening ♥  After a few short hours of sleep last night and way too many hours studying chemistry I’m actually on my way to bed with a plan to catch up on all those sleepless nights I’ve had lately. What an optimist, right? Tomorrow’s the final class of this semester, so thankfully I only got one more day…

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  • Sun & Berries

    Morning sweeties ♥  What a lovely week it has been! The sun has been shining everyday and it actually feels like summer outside. I honestly can’t believe it’s friday again. I remember when I was little that people told me that time will only appear to go faster and faster, but I didn’t quite imagine it…

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  • All The Woulda-Coulda-Shouldas

    It has been a long day, you guys. I woke up after only four hours of sleep, thanks to my unstable daily routine. In a hurry I threw on the first thing I found in my closet and hurried to my exam. A great way to start the day! Gotta love the morning traffic at…

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