The First Blank Page Of 365

Happy New Year ♥ As we slowly move away from another year – we’re now ready to put another book filled with twelve chapters back into the shelf. Another 365 days are gone and for me – this year has had it’s ups and down like every year, but in some ways this year hasContinue reading “The First Blank Page Of 365”

How To Cope With Depression, Anxiety & Panic Attacks

Evening, lovebugs ♥ I recently shared a very personal story on my youtube channel – that I also wanted to share on my blog because of the subjects in this video. I haven’t always been that happy girl. I’ve been dealing with a lot of mental problems and issues regarding my looks and body for wayContinue reading “How To Cope With Depression, Anxiety & Panic Attacks”

REAL TALK | How To Get Over A Break-Up Or Loss

Hello Loves ♥ So this had been on my filming list for months.. But I wasn’t quite sure on what to say or if I dared putting this out there – but here it is! I’m nervous – but I wanted to share my story with a hope of helping someone else out. Someone who’s dealingContinue reading “REAL TALK | How To Get Over A Break-Up Or Loss”

A New Chapter Or Just The Same Old Story?

Time flies by so far, and it’s already a new year. Where did all the time go? It’s 2016. First of all, I’m sorry for being on and off when it comes to the blog these last couple of months, but it has been a tough couple of months – so I guess I really needed 2015 toContinue reading “A New Chapter Or Just The Same Old Story?”

How Are You?

Hi loves ♥ I’m so sorry for my absent these last couple of week, but there has been a lot going on in my life and schools taking up the most of my time and energy. I just needed a time-out. As I’ve told you before, I want my blog to be real and since I’mContinue reading “How Are You?”

Remember To Smile

Morning superstars! ♥ I actually woke up at 8 am this morning. Unbelievable, right? Especially when there’s nothing on my agenda – except studying. I have been a bit quiet these last few days as I decided to take some time for myself before a very busy week. I had my first exam yesterday and anotherContinue reading “Remember To Smile”

Dear To Dream

Joseph Campbell once said, “Follow your bliss and the Universe will open doors for you where there were only walls.” Who knows where life will take you. The road is long and in the end, the journey in life – is the destination. It’s all about finding out who you want to be and who you don’tContinue reading “Dear To Dream”

I Won’t Give UpI Won’t Give Up

Hurt. It isn’t easy to live in today’s reality. Far from east. No matter how happy you are, you’ll meet a bump in the road. Grief. Pain. Fear of losing something or someone you hold so dear – but you can’t escape it. We have made choices from the day we were born. Maybe othersContinue reading I Won’t Give UpI Won’t Give Up

“I Must Be Willing To Give Up What I Am In Order To Become What I Will Be.”

Isn’t it weird how sometimes one little thing can change your life forever? That one decision can make a whole new story. One word. One choice. One experience. It’s the moment when you know that whatever happens next – nothing will ever be exactly the same again. There will be times when you wish youContinue reading ““I Must Be Willing To Give Up What I Am In Order To Become What I Will Be.””

It’s All About Finding Out Who You Want To Be

Time flies by so far, and it’s already a new year. It’s 2013. I know that lately my blogging has gone from bad to worse – so I guess my New Year Resolution will be becoming better at taking pictures and update – but it has been a tough couple of months – and IContinue reading “It’s All About Finding Out Who You Want To Be”

I Know Everything Happens For A Reason..

.. but this reason hurts.  When I was young I used to believe in fairytales, until reality proved me wrong. In the world it’s basically you against the world. You have to be able to take the pain and get back up on your feet – even if it means losing people you care about.Continue reading “I Know Everything Happens For A Reason..”

How Are You?

I guess when people ask: “How are you?” or: “Are you ok?” – They don’t really want an answer. At least not an honest one. It’s pretty easy to smile and say: “I’m fine!”, but if you really mean the words that are coming out of your mouth – is something they’ll never know. DeepContinue reading “How Are You?”

I Grew Up

What happened to real laugher? Everything we laughed at as a child? As a child I didn’t care how I looked, what to wear, what people thought, or even how other people looked at me when I did something stupid. I could be completely myself without anyone judging me for the hair color, style orContinue reading “I Grew Up”

One Day I Will Find The Right Words And They Will Be Simple.

Evening’ sweeties! I know it’s been a while since my last good blog update, but I haven’t been feeling that great lately. I can’t think of any reasons to why I’m feeling like this, but I guess I’ve kind of hit rock bottom – or at least my body has. All my energy has flown away.Continue reading “One Day I Will Find The Right Words And They Will Be Simple.”


Hvorfor er det så mye motvind i livet? Om du endelig kommer deg litt framover, blir du som oftest blåst tilbake. Hadde du vært glad i meg, hadde du ikke behandlet meg slik. En som er der bare når du selv vil og trenger det, er ikke en person verdt en eneste av dine tårer.Continue reading “TE VEO COMO YO NUNCA VI A MI MISMO”