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    So first room up in my HOUSE MAKEOVER SERIES are my new BEAUTY ROOM. I’m so excited to share this room tour with you guys as it is one of my favorite rooms in my new home. This time around I had triple the size to work with when it came to furniture and decorating…

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    It’s time for the annual room tour of my “GLAM ROOM” and as we all know; a lot can happen in a year – even in a beauty room. I’m constantly looking for new and smart ways to both organize and decorate my small glam space – and now I’m here to share my tips…

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  • Beauty Room Tour + Make-Up Collection

    Beauty Room Tour + Make-Up Collection

    Hola Beauties ♥ It has been a while since I last uploaded a blog post – and I know I told you guys that this year was going to be the year were I would blog at least three times a week – but sometimes life gets in the way and mine has been pretty hectic. Three…

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  • Updated MakeUp Collection | Decor + Storage 2016

    Updated MakeUp Collection | Decor + Storage 2016

    Happy Wednesday ♥ Hope you’re all doing wonderful! I’m beyond grateful for these two weeks off school. Easter vacation was really needed! If you follow me on snapchat (linnhovik) you probably know that I’m currently in Jondal – which is a small “town” a little outside Bergen – enjoying life with friends, snowboarding. I just love…

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  • Beauty Room Tour 2016

    Beauty Room Tour 2016

    Happy Sunday, Loves ♥ I hope your weekend has been wonderful! A new year means a new and updated room tour. If you’ve been following my blog for a while I guess you’ll know that I’m obsessed when it comes to re-organizing and re-decorating! And that’s exactly what I’ve done in my beauty & glam room. At…

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  • Cute & Inexpensive Ways To Decorate For Christmas

    Cute & Inexpensive Ways To Decorate For Christmas

    Happy Thurday ♥ Anyone else excited for christmas? School has been so hectic lately that I’ve barely had time to do anything else than to drown in books and papers dues! Luckily it’s almost over.. So the weather has been on and off over here for quite some time now. One day is snowing and the…

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  • Cute & Easy Ways To Spice Up Your Room

    Cute & Easy Ways To Spice Up Your Room

    Happy weekend ♥ Is anyone excited for halloween? I recently needed to re-organize everything in my office after months of papers and stuff laying around everywhere, and since I’m a huge planner addict I had a issue of way too many stickers and washi tapes all over the place.. So I came up with some cute, easy and…

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  • Inside My Planner | Decorate With Me

    Inside My Planner | Decorate With Me

    Morning loves ♥ As the planner addict I am, I thought it was about time for me to do another “plan with me” video. I love to watch videos like these myself and hopefully you’ll find it inspirational and creative. I find decorating so much fun and it’s kind of addictive, I promise! My planner is…

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  • Where To Buy – Cute Planner Supplies

    Where To Buy – Cute Planner Supplies

    I’ve actually never been a huge planner person, until recently. I’ve owned one every single year, but I’ve never found any time or motivation to both write and carry them around. Now on the other hand, I’m obsessed! I’ve no freaking idea how I’ve managed to live without one. My life has become a lot…

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  • Organize Your Make-Up

    Happy friday loves! So I’ve been looking for a smart way to organize all my make-up and hair products for years now. Especially when my collection has gotten a little bigger these past months – and my vanity just didn’t have all the space that I needed. Anyone  else out there? Well, I just wanted…

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  • Chanel Pillow

    Happy Saturday ♥  I’m so sorry for my absence, but I haven’t forgotten you! I’ve just been really busy with my studies and everyday life. Now that the storm has finally calmed down – I’m back! Lately I’ve been re-decortating my room and I made these cute Chanel pillows and I even painted some pictures – which I love!…

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  • How To Make Your Own Make-Up Display

    This make-up / lipstick display is super cute, so easy to make  – and it’s a perfect way to display all your favorite make-up. The great thing about it is that you can personalize it any way you want and since the holiday’s coming up – why not give this as a gift for you…

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  • So Happy

    Hi sweeties. Guess who managed to oversleep? Me of course! I had the alarm set for 10.30, but somehow my body refused to wake up. I can’t even remember turning it off. Anyway – yesterday I made this super cute lipstick display that I thought I’d show you guys. It looks so gorgeous on my…

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  • The Office

    Morning sweeties! After organizing my closet yesterday I spent the rest of the evening/night working on my collection. I didn’t go to bed before 6 am, I totally forget about time and place! Guess you can say that I’m pretty tired atm, but the world doesn’t stop and wait so it’s time to get up and…

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  • OrganizingForandring Fryder

    After hours studying everyday I always gets insanely restless. And since I’m a huge fan of changes – I love to visit different furniture stores just to get some new ideas. You can always find me at least once a week in those stores! IKEA is my favorite when it comes to organizing. The store have a…

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