Walk In Closet Tour

Long time, no see! So a lot of people have requested me to film a “Walk In Closet Tour” and I finally got around to do it. When I bought this place I already had plans to build a custom walk-in closet and I dedicated a
spare room – opened up the wall into the bedroom to
get the full experience.

I looked at tons of different closets and ended up getting the IKEA PAX SYSTEM – and I couldn’t be any happier with my choice. I’m the kind of person that loves to re-decorate. I get bored easily of the same old and I love to change things around from time to time – and this closet allows me to do exactly that.

The PAX SYSTEM has been around for years
and what I really love is that once they get new add-ons, drawers, shelves or inserts you can always buy those and add them to your closet system instead of getting a whole new closet.


So when I started to plan out my closet I used their design tool and played around with different ideas and measures. I ended up getting ONE 100 CM WARDROBE FRAME, TWO OF THE 75 CM ONES, TWO OF THE 50 CM ONES and to utilize all the space – TWO OF THE ADD-ON CORNER PIECES as well.

I knew that I wanted a lot of hanging space for my clothes, a place to store all my shoes and handbags and some drawers to have the rest of my clothes in – and IKEA have so many inserts to choose from to customize the closet to fit your needs and your budget.


My best tip for those of you that want your own walk-in closet is to start out small and then build on to your closet when your budget allows it. You can start with the wardrobe frames, some clothings racks and shelves, before adding on drawers and different inserts. The best thing about this closet system is that there’s endless possibilities to customize your closet – and they have something for everybody.

If you have any questions regarding my closet or anything in it – leave a comment. Xoxo

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