So first room up in my HOUSE MAKEOVER SERIES are my new BEAUTY ROOM. I’m so excited to share this room tour with you guys as it is one of my favorite rooms in my new home. This time around I had triple the size to work with when it came to furniture and decorating and I just love how much more space I have now – compared to my old glam room.

I just love how cute and girly my new room turned out! It’s like my own, personal store that I can just go and shop in every single day! So since I filmed this video I have moved some furnitures around and added a permanent filming space in the room so I don’t need to move some of the furnitures around every time. Now I can just walk right in to my beauty space – sit down and start to film – which makes it all a lot easier! But I will show you the whole setup in a separate post/video since many of you have asked me to do a “Filming Setup Video” – so stay tuned for that!


Almost all of my furnitures can be found at IKEA – except from that little footstool that I use to sit on while doing my make-up. My vanity is the MALM dressing table – and I really like this one because it has a huge, long drawer that can fit so much stuff. This is where I have my cotton pads, q-tips and all my essentials that I use on a daily basis while doing my makeup.

The bookshelves that I use for displaying cute items and makeup is the GERSBY BOOKCASES that works wonders for storing shoes, handbags and whatever you want to display. These are not as tall or wide as the BILLY bookshelves that I used to have in my old beauty room, so they will work wonders if you have a small space to work with. So I went with 4 of these shelves in my glam space since my roof is a little lower in the corners and these fitted perfectly.

For storing my makeup I use two different kind of furnitures. I have the “famous” ALEX drawer units that pretty much everyone has these days. I have four of these – two and two stocked upon each other to get the most out of the space. These are amazing for storing your makeup in – but also like hair accessories, jewelry or whatever you want to store! But once I moved I wanted to try out something different as well, so I went with the KALLAX shelf unit and added drawers to them which you can buy separately. These units come in different sizes so I’m sure you’ll find one that fits your room perfectly!

I tend to rotate on my decor pieces and re-organize my room once in a while – but most of my decor pieces I buy at IKEA or different local stores like SKEIDAR, BOHUS or at the local mall. For makeup organizers I’m a huge fan of ebay and amazon – so I’m sure you’ll find whatever you’re looking for online. If you have any questions be sure to leave me a comment!


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