Evening, sweeties! Long time, no see. I hope you’re all doing well! It’s been a while.. Like a looooong while – and EVERYTHING has changed! If you are subscribed to my youtube channel you probably already know all about it! And if not.. You’re in for a sweet, little treat!

So the last post I wrote here on my beloved blog is dated back to October, and I guess if someone asks: “What happened?” – the correct answer would be: “Life. Life happened!” Like no matter how much you try to make a plan and stick to it – sometimes, you just can’t control how it all turns out. And trust me – I’m a BIG believer in whatever happens – happens for a reason! But if you were to ask me when I first moved to Sweden where I would be in my life today – at this exact date – my answer would be completely different – but let’s face reality…

To mention a few things that have happened these last couple of months without writing a whole book chapter:

+ I’m pregnant – and about to enter the last and final trimester. I can’t believe I’m going to become a mother in just a few couple of weeks. Time has gone by so slow, but at the same time – too fast!

+ I moved back to Norway and got a new job. When I first moved to Sweden I had no plan to move back home. I was going to take some classes, get a good job and start a whole new life over there, but I guess you can say that that didn’t got as planned since my life had a total turnover in a blink of an eye.

+ My boyfriend left and I got my heart shuttered. And let me tell you – it was probably the hardest thing I’ve ever gone through – especially since I’m pregnant as well. It took me a long time to feel okay again and I had so many sleepless nights. Every day felt like a “forever sunday” that never had an ending. Nightmare on nightmare. Tears. Lots of tears – and it all just kind of fell apart, just like that, in a second. But I know it was for the best – the relationship was too toxic for me and pretty much broken by lies and all that follows. I slowly managed to build myself up and put myself back together – one step at the time. Piece by piece. One day I smiled and I knew – instantly there and then – it would all be okay!

+ I bought an apartment – and I’ve spent the last 4 months doing a TOTAL MAKEOVER over at my new place! So for those of you who are interested in seeing the process and all the changes that I’ve made so far – I already have some update/home vlogs up on my youtube channel. And once I’m all done with the place and I have moved in (which hopefully will be before my birthday in March) I will do a complete HOUSE TOUR and show you before and after pics here on le blog – so stay tuned!!

So as you probably understand – my life has been a little bumpy these last 6 months, but I’m all good. Excited for the future. And I’m now ready to get back into weekly blogging – and I’ll from now on write a lot more about my daily life, my struggles and everything that comes to mind.

And for all of my beautiful moms out there – I will talk more about pregnancy – how it has been for me and all that follows! I will also write more about baby stuff when that time comes and life as a single mom in general. So if there’s anything you want me to write about or if you have any questions just ask or leave a little comment and I’ll get right back at ya!

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