It’s time for the annual room tour of my “GLAM ROOM” and as we all know; a lot can happen in a year – even in a beauty room. I’m constantly looking for new and smart ways to both organize and decorate my small glam space – and now I’m here to share my tips and tricks! If you’re like me and you don’t have a big room for all your stuff I hope you’ll get a little inspired. My favorite store when it comes to getting inspired and buying smart/usable furnitures has to be IKEA. They’ve got everything from A to Z, so many fun displays to look at for room inspiration and the best part – their items won’t brake your wallet.


So almost all of my furnitures can be found at IKEA – except from that little footstool that I used to sit on while doing my make-up last year. Now I’m using the TOBIAS CHAIR from IKEA which is the clear, chrome plated chair that you saw in my video. I really love this one and you can decorate it with a cute faux sheepskin to make it look more cosy. I’ve also have one BILLY SHELF to my room since last year where I keep some of my shoes and handbags display – you can even buy glass doors and add to it if you desire which is great and will give it a little extra something. If you don’t want to spend the money I’ve got a very inexpensive alternative to you – the GERSBY BOOKCASES that works just as good for storing shoes, handbags and whatever you want to display. These are not as tall or wide, but will work wonders if you have a small space to work with. 

These ALEX units are amazing when it comes to storing make-up, hair products or/and accessories. I have both the 5- and 9-drawer units and I love them both for different reasons. One thing to keep in mind while buying these are how many drawers you’ll need and also plan ahead if you’re going to buy a few more later on – like I have. I have to admit that I love the 5-drawer a little more because the drawers have more space and they’re a little wider and longer so you can fit a lot more products – and I therefore recommend to get two of those and stack them in height instead of one 9-drawer unit if you need more than five drawers.

I tend to rotate on my decor pieces and re-organize my room once in a while – but most of my decor pieces I buy at IKEA or different local stores. For makeup organizers I’m a huge fan of ebay and amazon – so I’m sure you’ll find whatever you’re looking for online. If you have any questions be sure to leave me a comment!


124 thoughts on “BEAUTY ROOM TOUR 2018

  1. I really love the video 😍 I wish I could have a Beauty Room too with this amzing furnitures. IKEA is 😍😍😍

  2. You are very organised and your Beauty room is very beautiful and colorful ❤❤💖💖😍☺☺

  3. love it, furniture r all white but after adding all the small details – its so so colourful and beautiful

  4. I am absolutely in love with your beauty room!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! ❤ The furniture look absolutely adorable. AND WHITE IS JUST!!!!!!! ❤ GAHHH!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  5. I love your beauty room it’s so beautiful love all the white.💕💕

  6. I am loving every furniture from Ikeaso beautiful love the white😊💖

  7. Girl you worked so hard on this post and I can see it… this is so detailed. Spay!

  8. I need this shelving unit in my room, immediately got on my to-buy list ❤

  9. I really live the Alex Units, I am gonna be going to IKEA in Opelika, Al to get 2 of them. Your organizational skills are amazing! 💋❤❤

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