Evening, sweeties ♥ I really hope you all enjoyed your weekend! Mine was all about work, work and a little more work. I’m not sure if you all know this – especially if you’re not following me at snapchat – but for the past weeks I’ve been working as a freelance makeup aritst in one of the Mac Cosmetics stores here in Bergen. I feel blessed and grateful – and for what it’s worth it doesn’t even feel like work since I enjoy every single day so, so much. But anyway – let’s talk a little bit about IMATS and my weekend in London.

As the shopaholic that I am I did managed to get my hands on a “few” make-up products as well as some fashion items this time as well. The most exciting part of attending IMATS has to be all the special effects makeup stands and demos – which was one of the main reason why I wanted to attend. I picked up a lot of fun things that I’ll use in my halloween tutorials – as well as to practice on my SFX skills. And of course I also grabbed lots of beauty make-up and new products that you’ll see in the haul video:




Primark Lashes | £1.00

Ardell Lashes | £3.00-£7.00

Eylure Lashes | £5.65

MUA Retro Luxe Lip Kits | £3.00

Maybelline Baby Skin Primer | £7.99

LA Girl Pro Concealer | £5.00

Maybelline Master Fixer Makeup Remover Pen | £6.99

Maybelline Lasting Drama 24h Gel Liner | £8.99

Primark Nail Polish Package | £2.50

MUA Luxe Velvet Lip Lacquer | £3.00

Milani Cosmetics Liquid Lipsticks | £8.93

Makeup Forever HD Foundation | £25.00 (IMATS)

Makeup Forever HD Concealer | £18.00

(IMATS) Makeup Forever Brush Book | £22.00 (IMATS)

Kat Von D Metal Matte Palette | £48.00

Kat Von D Lock It Foundation | £27.00

Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks | £17.00

Kat Von D Holographic Palette | £25.00

Viseart Palette | Sultry Muse | £64.00

Ben Nye Glam Shadow Palette | £47.00 (IMATS)

Alexander McQueen Parfume | £75.00-£95.00

Chanel Le Teint Foundation | £37.00

Revlon ColorStay Foundation | £12.99

Bourjois 123 Perfect 3-1 Foundation | £10.99

MUA Fixing Spray | £5.00

Cinema Secrets Super Sealer Setting Spray | £24.00

Ben Nye Nose And Scar Wax | £21.00

Loreal Miceller Bi-Face Water | £5.99

Powder Puffs | £1.28

Mehron Syrup Stage Blood | £16.00 

Mehron Liquid Latex | £26.74

Blue Bird Ink Dead Palette | £63.00 (IMATS)

Skin Illustrator Feature Fleshtone | £83.00

Skin Illustrator FX Palette | £83.00

RCMA No Color Loose Powder | £12.00


78 thoughts on “IMATS HAUL 2017 | WEEKEND IN LONDON

  1. I love youuuuuu so muchhhhhh. I hope that some day I could have the chance to meet you.

  2. This is a great haul! There are so many of these I want to try. i haven’t tried anything by makeup forever, but I keep hearing great reviews!

  3. Love this post! It’s super useful that you list the products of the haul, that make it easier if we are interested in buying it. Love you soo much, sending support and hugs!!

  4. Love it! Keep making this type of posts. Hope I could buy all these products in my country. Anyways, LOVE YOUUU SO MUCH!! Sending hugs and support.

  5. I CANT pick one….Kat Von D Metal Matte Palette coz i cant say ”no” to all these shades!lol

  6. You’re so amazing. One of the most generous YouTubers on YouTube. I love your sense of style 💜❤

  7. you became one my favourites you tubers!i ‘m jealous -a little bit-of your style.i like everything on you!!!the product i choose to try this week is..Makeup Forever HD Foundation!!!seeems perfect!

  8. Would love to see halloween makeup using some of the products you got 🎃 💘💚

  9. MUA Luxe Velvet Lip Lacquer I M IN LOVE WITH THESE LIPSTICS!i want hem all!!!lol

  10. LA Girl pro concealer the best product I’ve erver tried !! Love it!!

  11. AMAZING!! Love you so much, love the content of each video!!! Support and hugs!!

  12. A huge hello and lots of virtal kisses from Greece🌞🏊🏄☀️!!! Thank you for the chance and wish you,nothing but the best honey!Keep fingers crossed🍀🍀

  13. Favorite make up product are mascaras. But currently, i’m in love with Trophy Wife highlighter!

  14. Amazing product list!! Love some of the products and others I definetely need to try it out!!

  15. Wonderful video!! Keep making this type!! Love it!! Love you, sending support and hugs!!!

  16. Great material!! Love haul videos, thimk I learn from more makeup products. Btw your look is on fire!! (as always)

  17. Absolutely stunning, the shades of the Kat Von D metal palette!! Love it!! The reviews and swatches were very useful, thanks for making haul videos. I totally appreciate them. Sending support and hugs, ly.

  18. love your skin!! so flawless, excellent MUA, excellent videos, 5 stars to you, Linn!! You rock!! Sending support and love, ly!!!

    1. Yes, they’re amazing! Some of the best liquid lippies I’ve ever tried! Xo

  19. AMAZING blog!! Love this type of videos, keep doing it, hope you post a similiar soon!! Sending support and hugs, ly!!

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