Ready, Set, Action | Life Update!

Evening, lovebugs ♥ So since I’ve been off my blogging skills lately I thought it was about time to update you a little on what’s going on in my life at the moment. These last two months has been amazing – but hectic to say at least.

It all started with IMATS London in May. It was a blast – and I still haven’t gotten around to film my hauls from that trip because the day I landed back in Bergen my nose started to bleed and bleed multiple times a day. So if you follow me on snapchat – which you should btw – you already know this, but I had to lay in bed with a bandage in it for about two weeks to stop the bleedings and I even had to visit the hospital – not one, but two times to get it fixed – and all of this happened while I was working as a make-up artist on this new series. Just my luck! 

So after that unfortunate incident I’ve been working almost non stop. I’m now spending my days at a beautiful farm in Norway working as the key make-up artist for a movie called “Young And Alone” and I enjoy every minute of it! I’ve spent two weeks here already and today’s the last day shooting at this location before we all go back to Bergen to shoot some scenes for the movie there as well. Pretty exciting! 


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