Beauty Room Tour + Make-Up Collection

Hola Beauties ♥ It has been a while since I last uploaded a blog post – and I know I told you guys that this year was going to be the year were I would blog at least three times a week – but sometimes life gets in the way and mine has been pretty hectic. Three weeks ago I started my make-up artist education and I’ve also been busy with doctors appointments, therapy, filming, editing and of course answering all your comments on all my social media apps ♥ Don’t take me wrong – I’m very grateful – but there’s just been so much happening at once that I really needed to take a step back and sort everything out! So now I’m trying to plan out my weeks very carefully so I also get some time to myself and time to do it all ♥

Anyway, over to the reason to why you’re here – my beauty room and make-up collection. As every year this is a very requested video and since I’ve changed up a lot of my storage, re-decorated and re-furnished my whole room I thought this was the perfect time to share it all with you guys to give you some inspiration and ideas on how to store your make-up for instant and also how you can decorate your room in a cute, girly way!

Last year I made a blogpost on where to buy all the items that you saw in my “Beauty Room Tour 2016” so if you want to shop my beauty room decor here’s the link to that post. All my furnitures are the same – but I may have gotten some more shelves and storage! I’m also talking about almost every single thing in my video so if there’s anything – feel free to ask me in the comments ♥



I’m so satisfied with how it all have turned out in my glam room and since I’m a perfectionist I’m always changing stuff around and on the hunt for the perfect storage! One of my favorite storage idea for storing my palettes are these knife and fork containers from IKEA which are around one dollar!!! They fit perfect into the ALEX drawers units if you only cut of the excess rim at the sides ♥ I also use some white ones for storing my lipsticks and eye products as you’ll see in the video – and they’re around two dollars!! Which is a STEAL ♥

Also be sure to check out my youtube channel and hit the subscribe button for more videos like these ones! I upload twice a week so there’s plenty of beauty, fashion and lifestyle tips and tricks to come in the future ♥ Have a lovely day! Xo

3 thoughts on “Beauty Room Tour + Make-Up Collection

  1. I Just love your beauty room!! Your so sweet and amazing to get great help with beauty. So thank you and always love yourself cause your worth it!
    Thanks also for how much time you put into this blog. Its true Beauty.
    Keep Beautiful and Smiling!!
    💟♾Sandra and Daughter’s

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