New York Here I Come

Morning loves ♥ So when you’re reading this my boyfriend and I are on our my to the Big Apple – and I’m beyond excited! I can’t really understand that it has been almost 6 years since I last walked around in Central park, shopped in Soho or spent the days eating way too much at New York’s greatest restaurants. I’ll share some pictures from the days that I used to live in NY. The times flies by so incredible fast! I’ve missed my “old” home and I can barely wait to be back. I’m probably sitting on the plane right now doing a little dance of excitement. Haha!

We’re going to spend one whole week living at an hotel near Central park and just a short stroll away from Fifth Avenue – which can be pretty dangerous for my wallet. I feel like I really needed this trip. I really needed to get away and just get my mind onto something a little bit more interesting than rain, wind or anxiety. So hopefully we’ll have a smooth plane ride on our way over the big ocean and that it won’t feel like forever. I’m such an impatient person when it comes to plane rides or travel in general – and I will of course film the whole trip for you guys and make a travel vlog once I get home. Yay ♥

So I guess I’ll say – see you in New York City ♥

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