The First Blank Page Of 365

Happy New Year ♥ As we slowly move away from another year – we’re now ready to put another book filled with twelve chapters back into the shelf. Another 365 days are gone and for me – this year has had it’s ups and down like every year, but in some ways this year has changed me. The way I think. What I feel. And how I want to spend my life. I’ve experienced some of my best days of my life so far, but I’ve also fought through some of the worst. I’ve suffered, but I’ve also been smiling.

Time come and go – and so do the people in our life. In 2016 I had to let go of both people and goals, but it turned out to be only for the better. I’ve been stressed out of my mind and my anxiety hasn’t been my best friend. Far from it. It has kept me awake for days. It has made me so nervous that I thought I had a heart attack. The anxiety turned out to be my worst enemy – and to top it all – depression came creeping back. So 2016 was far from what I hoped it would be – but also pretty damn good. Everyday we take a step outside the door into the real world. We meet new people. All kinds of people. We meet new friends, while other slowly fades away into the fog.

Even if the year wasn’t completely what I wanted or what I hoped for – it is just the journey called life. We all walk on a path. And where it will take us – nobody knows – but at the end it will all turn out for the better. I’m now ready to put it all behind me. To start fresh and open my mind up to opportunities and adventures that lay ahead. Everyday we learn something new. We’re not perfect. We all make mistakes. We find happiness. We’ll see people letting each other down. We experience things we never thought were coming our way. In every second of our life, we get more sure of who we are and what we want to do. We learn to live with the pain. In some way or another. We get stronger. More secure. We’ll always find a way out of the darkness and into the light. No matter what.

Each and every year we get a new chance. A new book filled with 365 pages – so what are you going to do this year? Let’s make 2017 a better year – even if it may turn out just the same – you can at least say that you tried. To move on isn’t always easy, but it’s something we all have to do once or twice, even if we don’t want to. I’m sure you’ll do great this year. I’ve decided that this year I’m going to follow my passion and my dreams – instead of seeking a higher education which will only give me a lot of money in the bank, but not the happiness that I’m craving at the moment. I want to live. Learn. And love like nobody has loved. I will survive. I will fight my mental illnesses. And I will be stronger than ever. Because I have to. I have to do it for myself in order to be happy and to feel alive again. I won’t let anything bring me down and I won’t let my thoughts destroy all my days.

The term; move on, can be the hardest thing you’ll ever do. But the day you’ve manage to move on you’ll stand as a much stronger person. That’s when you’ll know you’ve made the right choice. All your wounds will heal, but you’ll have to be patient, because it will take time. Days. Weeks. Months. Even years. But when that day finally comes; you’ll see how beautiful life can be! All my best wishes ♥

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