My Life Behind The Lens | Depression & Anxiety Talk


Hello World ♥ This post is something totally different from what I usually talks about on my blog, but it has become an important subject for me and probably for a lot of people around the world. Mental illnesses has always been something people don’t share. Don’t talk about. And don’t want anyone to know about. For me that is wrong and luckily more people has started to be open about what they’re suffering from or what they’re going through, but not enough. There’s over 6 billion people in this world – and I bet there’s more people who suffers that don’t tell anyone about it – before it’s too late. Therefor this has became an important case for me and something I want to work for and speak up about.

I’ve suffered from depression and eating disorder since I was a teenager and I got out of it. Recently, or for the past year or so – mental illness caught up with me again. This time it was anxiety knocking on the door. I let it in. I let it take over my life. I’ve had hundreds of sleepless nights and panic attack. My anxiety turned into something I hated. Something I tried to control – so bad – that it took over every single part of me. And in the end – depression came as well – as a cause to all my anxiety. I didn’t speak about it nor told anyone how I felt and how bad it had gotten, so I therefor have decided to share everything with you guys. It helps and hopefully it will help one of you – if you’re suffering from mental illnesses as well – to know that you’re not alone. We’re not alone. Everyone goes to something in their life – it just depends on how you react to it and if you let it take over your life.

One thing that has really made me open my eyes – is that I used to compare myself with everyone and everything. My OCD wanted me to be perfect in every single thing that I did and every single word I spoke. It was hard. It took all my energy and I was left tired, exhausted and without any light in the tunnel. So this video is for all of us – never compare yourself to someone’s “perfect edition” social media page. That is only the best version of their life. We have no idea of what they’re going through or what they have to deal with in their private life. Everyone can look perfectly happy on social media. Therefor I’ve decided to bring you guys with me for a week in my life – behind the lens. Behind social media. Behind youtube. This is my real life – the un-edited version of my so called life:

[embedyt] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_I3_lpQGtG4%5B/embedyt%5D



Please share this post or video if you’re going through anything similar or if you know someone who should watch this. Mental illnesses can really mess with someone’s life. Even if we know it will get better – at this point it doesn’t feel like it. If I can help one person – to not feel alone. To not feel like they’ve got nobody to talk about. It will all be worth it. I also have two other real talk videos up on my youtube channel – so be sure to check them out if you’re interested. Have a lovely day  – and never compare! ♥


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