Crazy Contact Lenses For Halloween

For many people “Halloween” brings back dear memories, like walking around doing the so called “trick-or-treat” – or what about scary sounds, windows and gardens decorated with spiderweb, skeletons and loads of other horror decorations. We can trace the festival’s roots back to a Celtic tradition, but over the years halloween has become an important day for the Christians culture worldwide. This is definitely a short period were no one seems to be complaining about the amount of pumpkin they’ll have, because all the piles of candy makes it worth their while.

No matter what plans you’ve got for halloween this year – one thing is certain: you need to dress to impress and bring out your A-game. You can sneak-peak on your favorite celebrities and their costumes to get lots of inspiration. Each and every year the rich and famous tries to outdo each other with the use of crazy and sometimes shocking outfits.

bilde1 bilde2

As you’ll see most of them are using a secret weapon – contacts lenses – both to get the complete finish to their costumes or to add a little shocking effect onto their look. Contact lenses can be an easy and effective way to make your look a lot more scarier – and is a must for this or next years halloween party. Smartbuyglasses is an online site with a huge variety of crazy-looking contacts where you can find all from very gore to odd and special lenses. Down below I’ve picked out some of both mine and their favorite ones – all depending on which style you’re looking for.

bilde3Glow can be found here – and will prepare you for the centre of attention. These are glowing white contact lenses which becomes alive when you turn the lights off. You will be lighting up the dance floor with a little bit more than just your moves.


Blackhole Sun can be found here – and be sure to check that Soundsgarden is on your party’s playlist when you take these ones on. Your friends will be hypnotized by the burning holes that has taken over your eyes and you’ll even get an extra bonus on a dark and stormy night – they’ll give you a chance to wash away the rain.


Smile lenses can be found here – now everyone can get a smile in their eyes with these Smiley contact lenses. Anywhere you go – you’ll be met with a huge smile, while you’re giving a least two back! The third smile which comes from your month are of course optional – but recommended.


Cross Eyed are totally fun and can be found here – even if they’re not helping when it comes to your sight, you’re now able to trick people into thinking you can see everywhere with these cross eyed contact lenses. At least you’ll give people a headache while they’re trying to figure out which way you’re looking.


Black Titan has to be my favorite this year and you can find them here. These lenses are not actually very funny, but on the other hand more nerve wracking. Your friends will not know how to react when they’ll see your eyes like two big black, drowning pupils. If you’re going to dress up like something immortal or infected – these are definitely the contacts to get!


Voldemort lenses can be found here – these will kick out any wizard or witch this halloween season. If the children starts to wrinkle their forehead when you pass them by, you know you’ve done something right! These are also perfect for any zombie look or any other deadly or creepy costume look.


The Lunatic lenses are also one of my top favorites for the halloween season – and can be found here. These contact lenses will make your “confused-serial-killer” costume very convincing and will definitely bring out some chills. Also perfect for other looks just to add a finish and make the whole costume a little more gore looking.

No matter what you choose to do for this halloween season I’m sure it will be awesome. Halloween is all about fun and games – and if you’re having some trouble a long the way when it comes to your make-up, lenses or costume – just remember that it all takes a little practice to make it perfect. Just have fun and enjoy the weekend! I also want to wish you a happy halloween on the behalf of Smartbuyglasses – who was kind enough to contact me and give me the opportunity to share some contact lens information with you guys .

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*WARNING!* Remember that your eyes are very valuable. Decorative contact lenes sure can look great and they are fun for halloween or other occasions when it comes to costumes and styles, but you should be extremely careful while using them. Contact lenses are of course safe to wear and they are used by people every single day. For those who are not used to wearing contact lenses can it be dangerous if used wrong. You can get eye infections and other serious conditions if you are not taking necessary precautions. Be sure to speak with an eye doctor or similar before using eye contacts since it is strongly recommended to have a prescription. 

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