Happy Thursday ♥ My first halloween tutorial using special effects make-up is now LIVE on my youtube channel and I therefore wanted to share it with you as well – if you’re not following me on youtube you definitely should! I’m so pleased with how this turned out and I’m already pumped to do another one next week – yay! ♥


So who’s EXCITED for halloween? I know I am. I love to do sfx make-up and to play around with shadows and products I don’t usually use on a daily basis – so for me it could be halloween once a month – that would be amazing! ♥ I spent a lot of time working on this video and I really hope you’ll get inspired and creative for your look. This tutorial contains two different looks you can do by themselves or do the both as I did in this tutorial. It’s fun and it’s pretty easy to re-create even if you’re not a pro. It’s all about having fun doing it and creating halloween looks. If you do enjoy it – please leave a comment down below or visit my youtube channel which is linked at the bottom to give it a like and maybe a share?! That would mean the world to me!


[youtube_channel channel=UChPpVdU5WJDM8V5I6_2_atw legacy=linnhoovik resource=0 cache=0 fetch=10 num=1 ratio=3 responsive=1 width=306 display=thumbnail norel=1 nobrand=1 showtitle=none desclen=0 noanno=1 noinfo=1 link_to=channel goto_txt=”Visit My YouTube channel”]

skjermbilde-2016-10-20-kl-14-14-29 skjermbilde-2016-10-20-kl-14-14-20


Black Foundation Make-Up For Theater
NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil #Milk
Spirit Gum
Morphe Eyeshadow Palette #Multi-Color Matte
Blood Gel
Coagulated Blood
Stage Blood
Nun Costume 

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Check out my youtube channel for more videos and fun.
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