Flawless Face Routine|Foundation, Contour & Highlight

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flawlessface1When it comes to getting a flawless face that will last all day and night – the first and one of the most important thing is the process you do before applying your make-up. A great base is the key when it comes to how long the make-up will last on your skin, but it also depends on the weather that day and when and what you’re going to do. Moisturising your skin is very important, especially now when it’s winter and cold outside. You want your make-up to look flawless and not patchy and dried out – so I really recommend investing in a great day cream that works for you. Now I’m trying out the L’oréal Skin Perfection correcting day moisturiser and I’m loving how it feels and looks on my skin. I’m also using the eye cream from the same series to make my eyes look more awake and for correcting my under eye skin. Last but not least – the most important step for a flawless face is using a primer. This will work as a barrier between your make-up and skin and give you that flawless surface. If you’re oily like me – a mattifying primer will prevent the face from shining like a star in the sky – I’ve been using the mattifying primer from Makeup Mekka these last couple of months and it really helps keeping the oil away. This primer is also oil-free which is something you should look for in a primer if you tend to get a little oily from time to time. You can find the products here: | 1 | 2 | 3 |

flawlessface2When it comes to a full coverage, flawless face – there’s so many great products out there to choose from, but these are the products I love to use since they work for me and my skin. I like to use a matte foundation if I’m going to do something special – like going on a date, special event and so on – I want my skin to look flawless all day and my make-up to stay on. This foundation from Chanel really works well with my oily skin and keeps it looking fresh and matte all day and night. To conceal my sometimes dark and puffy under eyes I’m loving the NARS radient creamy concealer. This really covers it all up and doesn’t crease – which is something we all look for in a concealer – I also use this product to highlight my face when I’m contouring since it gives my skin that flawless look and brightens up the features I want to stand out. When it comes to contour products I’m now using the cream contour palette from Anastasia Beverly Hills – which has a great colour range and blends out smoothly. Every brand seems to be coming out with palettes for contouring so there’s many out there that works wonder. I tend to prefer creams instead of just powder since it defines the face a little better and stays on a lot longer than a powder on itself. Since I use cream products it’s important to set it all with a powder to prevent the products from smudging and fade until you want your make-up to go off. The one powder that seems to work well on my skin is the loose powder from NYX. This product keeps the oil away all day long and keeps my make-up looking flawless. It’s a must have in my opinion. Find the products here: | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 |

flawlessface3This step is something you can skip if you don’t have a powder contour palette or you just think you have enough make-up on already – but I like to set my contour as well as my face by using this palette from SmashIt. I do this step only when I really want my contour to stand out and my face to look even more defined than it does already. This is a great palette that will last you a very long time and the shades are perfect – not too orange and not too grey. Then these last two steps are as well pretty explanatory – I finish up my look by putting on some blush to make me cheeks look a little more alive and then I just add some highlight on the top of my cheekbones to give my face a little more glow since I’ve been using all matte products!
Find the products here: | 1 | 2 | 3 |




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