Vacay In Denmark


Hi my loves ♥ I hope you’re all having a wonderful week so far! Today is the last whole day in Denmark, before I’m going back home tomorrow. I just can’t believe how fast time has flew by lately. It’s crazy!

Luckily I got 4 more weeks of vacay before it’s back to school and my hectic, everyday life.. Yey! So on saturday I’ll be going back to Folgefonna, which is a glacier in Norway where you can enjoy snowboarding and skiing in the summer. Can’t wait to be back on the snow!

So I’ve spent 10 amazing days in Denmark with my dearest family, and I’ve had a blast. We’ve been traveling to different cities. We’ve also been visiting Legoland and loads of other fun attractions. So here’s some pictures of my holiday;

IMG_9534 copyMy dear brother and beautiful sister ♥

IMG_9542 copy
This restaurant has amazing american food – Bone’s ♥

IMG_9551 copyA picture from the house we’re staying at in Blåvand ♥

IMG_9565 copy IMG_9571 copy
I’m obsessed with these flower headbands! So freakin’ adorable! ♥

IMG_9587 copy

IMG_9537 copy IMG_9592 copy IMG_9623 copy IMG_9630 copy IMG_9635 copy IMG_9665 copy IMG_9676 copy IMG_9678 copy
Beautiful Bergen City made of lego’s ♥IMG_9680 copy IMG_9690 copy IMG_9696 copy IMG_9711 copy IMG_9715 copy

Hope you enjoyed the photos! What are you doing this summer? I would love to know ♥

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