Where To Buy – Cute Planner Supplies

I’ve actually never been a huge planner person, until recently. I’ve owned one every single year, but I’ve never found any time or motivation to both write and carry them around. Now on the other hand, I’m obsessed! I’ve no freaking idea how I’ve managed to live without one. My life has become a lot easier and I really enjoyed spending my time decorating every single week of the month! So much fun!

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Therefor I thought I would share so ideas on how to personalise your planner and also places to buy very cute items, like sticky notes, stickers, washi tapes and so on.

So I usually order all my planner supplies online – there’s tons of different places to find very cute and affordable stuff. My favorite place to shop for supplies are at EBAY. This is a great place to get inexpensive and cute planner things, and the best part is that most of the items has free shipping. Can’t get any better than that, right?

I also like to shop at ETSY and different craft stores around the world. Where to go and look, really depends on what you’re looking for and your price range. There’s so many places to buy from and a huge range of cute supplies – down below I’ll leave a link to where you can get your hands on the planner stuff that I’ve already bought: washitape
When it comes to washi tape there’s so many different kinds to choose from. I’ve bought the majority of the ones that I got on EBAY again. If you’re lucky, you can find great deals like 5 tapes for five dollars – but the down part here is that the buyer sends you random tapes – but of course you can get lucky and get very cute ones. So if you’re looking for a special tape I really recommend ETSY – here you can browse through 100s of different designs and you’ll get to pick the exact ones you want.

Screen Shot 2015-02-25 at 15.02.21

RECOMMENDED SITES:(click the name to visit site)
Lots Of 5 Washi Tapes w. pattern – $5.99 (free shipping)
Lot of 10 Rainbow Washi Tapes single colors – $2.32 (free shipping)
Bulk Of 10 Washi Tapes w. pattern – $1.98 (free shipping)
Cute Kawaii Deco Tape 4 rolls w. pattern – $3.60 (ETSY)
Fashionista Washi Tapes 4 rolls w. pattern – $5.00 (ETSY)
Gossip Girl Washi Tapes 4 rolls w. pattern – $4.50 (ETSY)

stickynoteWhen it comes to sticky notes there’s a lot of cute ones to choose from. All from cupcakes and donuts to bows and hearts. I’m obsessed with everything girly, and I’ve bought a lot of sticky notes lately. They can totally change the whole look of your weekly spread in your planner. My favorite place to buy sticky notes is on EBAY – and I’ve noticed that they’ve got a lot similar ones at ETSY so here it all comes down to the cost of shipping when I’m ordering. Here’s some of my faves;

IMG_7447 IMG_7448

CAN BE FOUND HERE: (click the name to visit site)
Sweet Ice Cream / Donut Sticky Notes – $1.14 (free shipping)
Donut / Cupcake Sticky Flag Notes – $0.99 (free shipping)
Lollipop / Candy Sticky Flag Notes – $0.99 (free shipping)
Macaron Strawberry Cake Sticky Notes – $0.99 (free shipping)
Lovely Post It Sticky Flag Notes – $0.99 (free shipping)
Cupcake Sticky Notes – $0.99 (free shipping)
Paris Travel Flag Sticky Notes – $0.99 (free shipping)stickers

When it comes to stickers I like to walk around in different craft stores since I find it easier to find all kinds of stickers in the stores around here. I also like to scroll through ETSY – there you can find a lot of very cute, special ones. I really recommend to go and check out ETSY if you’re looking for stickers. Just type in cute stickers in the search bar and you’ll get a lot of different designs and styles to choose from.

I’ve just filmed a video on how to make your own stickers – so if you’re interested you can click here to check it out.
I love to use all kinds of stickers to personalize my planner – so to make your own will make your planner more unique!

IMG_7449 IMG_7450

RECOMMENDED SITES: (click the name to visit site) 
Parfume Stickers – $1.99 (ETSY)
Vintage Deco Stickers 12 sheets – $5.80 (ETSY)
Vintage Deco Stickers 6 sheets – $3.50 (ETSY)
Cute Coffee Milk Donut Stickers$3.90 (ETSY)
Makeup Stickers$4.00 (ETSY)


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