My Year In Pictures – 2014

2014 was for me, both a blessing and a lesson. I had some great moments, and there were months I didn’t know what to do! I got lost, but in the end I found myself again, and I found a goal that I will manage to reach. Since we’re soon entering February, I thought I’d show you guys some of my highlights from the year of 2014. I chose to make this into two parts, so the other one will be up soon.

How was your year? Any great memories? 


I bought my beloved Burberry Trench and read a really touching book. I also got to dress up differently.

I went to Nice, Monaco and Cannes. I had a blast and did a lot of shopping!

I started to sketch again. Made a lot of cute dresses and skirts. Went on our cabbin to relax and created these sunnies!

It finally started to be warmer outside. I bought these amazing shoes and took a lot of pictures in the garden!

Summer vacation finally came. I drew a lot more designs and made some clothing.

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