My Fall Essentials

As the summer’s almost over (or at least here it is) it’s about time to pack away those cute summer dresses and change our wardrobe into fall “mode“. I’ve picked out some basics and must-have fall favorites that I found scrolling through Topshop’s online store. My style change as the season’s changing and I’m pretty excited for this fall! What about you?

topshopessentialsAll pieces can be found here: 1. Cardigan  //  2. Bag  //  3. Cap //  4. T-shirt  //  5. Jeans   //
//  6. Leather Pants  //  7. Oversized T-shirt  //  8. Biker Jacket  //  9. Boots  //  10. Jumper  //  
//  11. Beanie  //  12. Zip Skort  //  13. Hem Skirt  //  14. Backpack  //  15. Cut Out Boots


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