‪What’s In My Bags ✈ Airplane Edition‬

Today I thought I’d do a what’s inside my carry-on bags – airplane edition. I always bring one handbag and a small carry-on suitcase when traveling. I like to know that I’ve got the most important things with me at all times.

travlessThe purse that I’m bringing all my most important travel essentials in is the Marc by Marc Jacobs madame hilli tote in black. This is my favorite bag at the moment and I just love the way it looks. I got it a couple of months ago and I couldn’t be more satisfied. It has three huge compartments and you can really fit a lot of stuff in it.

So the first thing I’m having in my bag is of course my Canon 600D and an extra lens. It’s a must-have that I bring with me at all times. A blogger could never forget her camera, right?

The next thing I have are sunglasses. While traveling I have to bring at least four pairs with me. I’m kind of obsessed and every time I see a pair I like, I just have to add them to my collection.

The third item I bring with me at all times is kind of obvious – my iPhone. I can’t go a day without posting pics on my instagram account or scrolling through the What I Wear app for inspo. If you’re not following me yet, you can find my instagram here. I’ll be updating daily from my trip!

Another important item is my passport. I keep it in this super cute passport holder that I got at Harrods in London a couple of years ago. I think every girl should have a passport holder to match your personal belongings – looks amazing!

The next thing I have is of course my wallet. The one I use now is by Michael Kors and I absolutely love it. It’s so convenient and big enough for everything that I usually have in my wallet. There’s even a little room where I can put my phone, so it’s great to grab and go if I’m running an errand or something like that.

Something that I like to have in my carry-on suitcase is a smaller purse for everyday use, so I don’t have to carry the big one with me at all times. The purse I’m bringing with me to Spain I got a couple of weeks ago and have been saving it for this trip – so I can’t wait to use it. It’s by Marc by Marc Jacobs as well (suddenly realized that I have a lot of this brand). I always have all my bags in their dust-bags so I won’t get any marks or chratches on it – a great tips to everyone!

I also have a little pouch with all my electrical stuff like chargers and earphones. I like to have these items in a separate bag because I don’t want them to get all tangled and stuff which always turns out like a total caos.

The biggest thing I’ll bring with me on the plane is my macbook pro. I just like to have it with me at all times and I don’t ever want to check this in – for me it would just be a bad, bad idea. I always put my laptop in a computer bag that I got a couple of years ago (Marc By Marc Jacobs of course) and it’s in this beautiful coral redish color. Love!

Everything else that is left I put in my handbag’s little zipper pocket. Of course I have my essentials like another memory card, senitazier and lipsticks and all kind of random stuff I would like to have on the plane. I also buys magazines on the airport to catch up on the latest fashion, and that’s pretty much everything I have in my carry-ons while traveling.

So what are your must have travel essentials? I would love to get some tips and ideas!  

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