Bon Voyage

Happy fun(sun)day folks ♥  I’m about to pack my bags for this years summer vacation and since I’m a paranoid freak about packing (always thinking I’m going to forget something) I made a list to make it all a little easier. Packing naturally is a complete dilemma for me. I already know that I’ll end up having things I don’t wear or that I do not necessarily need – but I can never decide an outfit pre-planned since I’m always changing my mind – so I better get to it!

I can’t believe that I’m leaving in only a couple of hours (or more like in the middle of the night). Looking forward to be back in Spain and discover more of it’s treasures and not to mention – the good food. Of course, you’ll be able to follow my adventure on instagram (@linnhovik) and here on my blog as well – so don’t forget to tune in!

Have a fab day and I’ll “see” you in Spain ♥


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