Organize Your Make-Up

Happy friday loves! So I’ve been looking for a smart way to organize all my make-up and hair products for years now. Especially when my collection has gotten a little bigger these past months – and my vanity just didn’t have all the space that I needed. Anyone  else out there? Well, I just wanted to share some tips and show you guys how I did it;


So I recently came across this amazing drawer unit from IKEA. It’s actually made for office storage, but it also fits perfectly to make-up and all other products you may have laying around. You can get this with 5 or 9 drawers whatever suit you and they also have it in black. I choose to go for the 5 drawer unit because I personally thinks it looks a bit cuter and it fits my room perfectly next to my vanity. I’m actually planning on buying another one to put on the other side of my vanity! Love, love, love this one!

To organize the drawers you can buy a lot of different containers in whatever shape and color you want. I know you can find a lot of acrylic containers perfect for make-up at the containerstore, but for a cheaper and more customize look I came up with a smart solution. I had a lot of empty shoeboxes laying around that took a lot of space, so I cut out pieces that made my draws exactly how I wanted them – which is a great and fun tips I wanted to share with you!

Another great tips is for your brushes. At my last trip to IKEA I bought two cute vases to hold my most used brushes on top of my vanity, as you can see on the picture above. I love the outcome – and I feel like I’m in a store when I’m doing my make-up. You can also use empty jars – I know some people recycle their yankee candle jars for storing which is another great tips which looks really nice.

I hope you liked this post – and please feel free to ask if you have any questions at all! Be creative and happy organizing!

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