Huge Beauty Haul

Hi guys! So I just got back from a little shopping spree – and I thought I’d show you all the new beauty things I picked up both today and last weekend. I found so many cute things that I can’t wait to try out! I also went to IKEA where I bought some new stuff for my vanity and I finally got my hands on the alex draws which I’ve been wanting for a long long time. I’ll show you the results by tomorrow when I’m done organizing all my stuff. So here’s some of the stuff I got;


1. So I got two different baby lips by Maybelline in the color blue and yellow. Ever since I bought my first one, I’ve been kind of addicted and I always carry one in my purse! It’s a must-have for me! I also use this every morning before applying make-up, so my lips always stays moisturized. Great product!

2. I’ve been obsessed with Redken since forever as I guess you already know. After years of hair dying these amazing products really turned my hair from bad and frizzy to healthy and shiny! These are the best products I’ve ever tried for my hair and since they’re almost never on sale – I of course had to buy them when I found them at 30 % off!


3. I really wanted to try another eyeliner since I’ve been using the Lancôme and Mac’s powerpoint eye pencil crayon for a while now. So when I came across this eyeliner by Viva La Diva in the shade soot, I thought: why not try something new? I tested it on my hand and it felt really smooth, so can’t wait to try this one out!

4. Since I’m obsessed with lipsticks – I had to get some by Viva La Diva. These lipsticks are my favorite drugstore products for my lips and they’re really affordable which makes them ever better! I’ve been using the shades nude and cream for awhile now, so I finally goy my hands on some more colorish kinds; coral reef, wiki wiki and the super nova.

5. I’m really excited about this one. I’ve heard so much positive things about the L’oreal Nude Magique CC cream. It’s a 5 in 1 perfecting cream that gives a flawless coverage, perfectly even skin texture, fresh dewy glow, 24hr hydration and it has SPF 20 – which is great now that I’m soon leaving for holiday! I got this for only 99 NOK – so I can’t wait to try this one out!

6. Another great product I can’t wait to try out is the Garnier BB cream – miracle skin perfector. I got this one in the shade medium which felt amazingly soft on my skin.

7. I also got my hands on some of the most gorgeous rouge allure lipsticks by Chanel. I got the colors rouge noir which is a purplish brown color and the enjouée – which is more like a mix of red and coral. I’m really happy about these two!

8. When it comes to bronzers and blushes – I’ve always been using YSL. I usually buy these products when I’m traveling since the tax-free princes often is pretty great on these products, but when I saw that Kicks make-up store had them at 30 % off – which almost never happend and I bought the YSL Terre Saharienne bronzing bowder.


9. Since I badly needed a new mascara – this make-up kit from Maybelline really was a great bargain for me today. It cost the same as if I had bought the single mascara by itself which totally made my day! I love when this happens!

10. I’ve heard a lot of great stuff about the maybelline color tattoo shadows, so I’m also pretty excited about these ones. I bought the colors eternal gold, timeless black and immortal charcoal which I think will be great for an evening look and the colors mixed together in a smokey eye will be amaze! I also bought a eyeshadow palette at H&M for like 20 NOK in some bold and nice colors. It’s time to try something new, instead of always go from brown and black, right?

So that’s it guys – if you want me to write reviews on anything from the stuff above, I’ll be happy to share my opinion and please feel free to share some tips and tricks if you want to!

What are your favorite beauty products? 


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