Jewelry Heaven

There’s always something we girls wants, right? From shoes, bags, jewelry – you name it, but there’s only two different bracelets that are on my MUST-HAVE list. I would literally die and go to jewelry heaven! I’ve been wanting these Hermes Clic H bracelets for awhile now – so a little less shoe shopping and a little more saving should be my next big thing. And the fact that they’re not that expensive, makes my goal a little closer to reach. They come in a lot of different colors, so what color would you get?

And speaking of perfection – I guess you’ve all heard about the Cartier Love Bracelets which can only be opened by this special screwdriver. Hopefully one day this way to amazing bracelet will be on my arm. Saving for this one will take some time, so if I’m behaving nicely maybe santa will bring me this in the early future.. (I wish…)


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