It Always Seems Impossible Until It’s DONE.

I finally made it. I genuinely can’t believe today is the day where I’m packing away my books for good – at least some of them! It’s been an horrifying month, filled with books and notes, but I’ve officially completed seven exams in just three weeks. If someone where to tell me this a year ago – I would have said: “That’s crazyness! It’s impossible” – but it always seems that way until it’s done. I did it – and I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed right now.. and I’m so ready to relax and do whatever I want when I want! 

Hello vacation! At this point I’m changing books for fabrics and pj’s for dresses and heels. Yey! And in just three weeks I’m leaving the country for sun, fun and of course a little shopping. Can’t wait! It has been months since my last trip, which is crazy, since I used to travel at least once a month before all this school stuff began, but I guess that’s just life! 

Wishing you all a good day ♥ I better stop being lazy and get myself out of bed – later



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