¿Puedes hablar un poco sobre … ?

¡Hola! I guess you can figure out just by reading the headline above that I’ve been spending all day reading and writing spanish, except for a little run-away to Starbucks for my very needed non-fat frappechino with my sis. My oral exam is tomorrow already – which means practice, practice and more practice, but luckily it will be my last one for this semester!

So since I’m all into “geeky” today and I’m wearing clothes I wouldn’t be caught dead in (yes, as a fashion blogger I also have those days – who hasn’t?) this picture of my books better doh;


But as much as I want to do ANYTHING and EVERYTHING else, literarily, like I’ve been doing for the past hour now –  I rather get back to business. Hope you’re all having a good one ♥


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