Tips – Get Inspired & Motivated

Today I thought I’d share some tips on how to stay inspired and motivated through times when you’ve gotten a little lost. As a blogger and student I sometimes loose my spirit and some days even feels quite heavy on my shoulders. You may feel related to these cases in one point or another – it happens to all of us! I guess that’s what we call life?

So here’s some tips that I use to get inspired and motivated;

moodboardAs a former fashion design student I’ve learnt that mood-board help motivate people and inspired in a certain direction. I usually creates mood-boards when I need to get into a special mood or just to have something nice to look at with all the things that makes me happy. I especially use these boards for inspiration when it comes to my designs – I’ve got tons of them laying around and I even got a whole book filled with things and people that inspire me!

Weather you’re work in business, maybe you’re a student or whatever it is that you’re doing – you want to have that creative outlet and inspiration in your life that guides you and keeps you motivated and inspired. So I definitely recommend to try this out, if you haven’t already! You can pin pictures, quotes or anything you like on a clip-board, make something on your computer and print it out ect. – it’s all up to your imagination.



With this, I don’t mean that you have to spend a lot of money to travel to an exotic location or a big city in a foreign country, but you can sure do it if you’ve gotten the time and money for it. For me, travel means new experiences and a clear state of mind, and what I love the most about travel is that it recharge your batteries and makes you feel a lot better in mind.

All you have to do to get motivated is to get out of the environment you are in right now, and just visit something new or a place you haven’t been in for a while. You can go visit some old friends or maybe take a road trip to a cabin. Anything that gets you out of the environment your now sitting in. Get out and experience. Meet new people. See other things than the walls of your house. The best way to change your habits and get motivated again, is to change your environment!



Don’t be a person that are running in circles day in and day out – not knowing what you’re doing and why you’re doing it. Determine what drives you to do what you’re doing and what you want to do in life. Maybe it’s success or money, happiness or maybe wanting to do something better for people who’s suffering. Whatever it is, you need to find that driving force that will keep you running and keep you set on your goals. It’s way to easy to fall off and go back to your old habits, and sooner than later you’ll be sitting there filled with regrets and not really knowing what you’ve been up to lately.

Therefor it is very important to determine your goals and keep going in that direction. Ask yourself these questions: Do I want to be working where I’m now working? Do I need to study? Do I want to study more? Do I want to do something else in life? You have to be clear and passionate about what you doing, don’t just kind of do it.
Determine why and the reason behind it.



If something’s frustrating you – there’s nothing more important than to walk away. I guess we’ve all had times when we’ve gotten so darn frustrated about something that just don’t turn out how we’ve planned or look like we had imagine.

Like when you’re re-decorating your room or studying to an exam and you just don’t seem to get it, no matter how many hours you’ve spent reading. You’re stuck with a feeling that everything’s turning against you – and that’s when you need to walk away. Do something else for a couple of hours or maybe for the rest of the day, and then, when you’ve decided to get back to it you’ll coming back with a clear head and a fresh perspective.



If you feel stuck or bored with your life, try to think of new ways or things that will open a new opportunity in your life. Things or way that will make you feel inspired and motivated again. Maybe you’re thinking about switching job, or maybe you want to try out a class in dance, or whatever it is that you like to do.

Go outside and get inspired. Don’t be afraid to try new things! Don’t ever let  fear or insecurity stop you from trying out new things. Believe in yourself and always do what you love!



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