All The Woulda-Coulda-Shouldas

It has been a long day, you guys. I woke up after only four hours of sleep, thanks to my unstable daily routine. In a hurry I threw on the first thing I found in my closet and hurried to my exam. A great way to start the day! Gotta love the morning traffic at 8 am. Luckily I made it safe and sound, and it feels great to get that one out of my head. Only three more to go.. Yey!

Now I’m totally exhausted. I know I should’ve been studying for my exam tomorrow, but sometimes it’s just better to relax and regroup. It feels like my brain is about to malfunction and that my body is about to collapse. So I’ve decided to put some pj’s on, cuddle up in bed and stay there for the rest of this evening. Well deserved if you ask me!


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