Every Mark Matters

Hi cuties ♥  I would love to tell you all about my last couple of days, but I’ve actually decided to spare you all for those incredible boring details. Yesterday I finished my spanish writing exam – hopefully I did well – at least I felt like it went well and I’m quite impressed by myself for writing four filled pages in spanish! So now I’ve only got 4 exams to go, before I can close my books for this semester and take my well deserved summer vacation.

But over to something a little more fashion related; I’ve decided to take the day off from everything I don’t want to do and just do the things I love the most. So right now I’m sketching and working on some ideas – so I thought I’d show you some little sneak-peaks before I’m hitting the fabric store for some cute fabrics to make the sketches turn into real clothes;


What I love about sun and summer is all the great designs you can make – it’s all about dresses, shorts and skirts – which personally is my favorite pieces to make! I’ve already found some amazing fabric that I can’t wait to use!

Have an amazing day loves ♥ I know I will.. 

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