Make-Up Routine + Sale

In collaboration with BLIVAKKER.NO – I’m happy to tell you about their wonderful MAY-SALE – were you can get up to 50 % off and free shipping – choose from tons of great products. What I’m ecstatic about is that they’re finally gotten all my faves from NYX (and now 20% off). Since summer’s right around the corner (or at least that’s what I like to think) this is a great opportunity to also get your hands on some great products for your hair if you’re traveling to a place where the sun’s shining – and some products that will make your skin look amazing!

There’s been awhile since my last make-up post – I’ve decided to make a little step-by-step make-up guide and show you guys which products I use right now; IMG_4173 2makeupppp 1. After applying moisturizer I use this Shine Killer from NYX. It makes my skin matte and helps the foundation stay on for the rest of the day! I use this especially if I’m going out and what my skin to look very nice.

2. The Dream Matte Mousse from Maybelline I use on a daily basis. It really covers it all – that’s what I love about this producet. I’ve been trying out a lot of different foundations, but no one really covers like this one in my opinion.

3. The Full Coverage Concealer from NYX is quite new in my make-up collection. I always used YSL’s before, but after I tried this one out I had to get a new one. This is one of my faves of all time! Sometimes I also use this as a highlighter under my brows and eyes – in a lighter color of course. Really recommend this one guys!

4. If I’m going out I sometimes use this highlight powder from The Balm – under my eyes, in the t-zone and chin. Great if you want a little lighter and shinier face for the night!

5. Wet N Wild’s Mega Mix Bronzing Powder has to be my absolutely favorite product right now. I recently discovered  this brand and it really surprised me – and the best part is that their products cost around 10 dollars! A great, great product and it really gives my skin a shimmery look perfect for summer!

6. At the moment I’m addicted to NYX and I love every product I’ve tried so far  – it’s inexpensive and good quality which is very hard to find – therefor I want to recommend the blush I use the most in the color dusty rose  – it also comes in a lot of different colors – so I guess you’ll find a fave as well.

7. A girl can never have enough eyeshadows, right? Lately I’ve bought a lot of palettes and therefore I find this one from Too Faced very great – it has all my daily, natural colors which I use all year long. I usually go for beige and brown on a daily basis and for evening I go a little darker.

8. The H2O waterproof liquid eyeliner by Wet N’ Wild is a must for me when I’m putting on make-up early in the morning and doesn’t have time to do it again if I’m going out later on. It really stays on both day and night – and the price is almost like NADA – a product I really really love!

9. When it comes to mascaras I’ve found my one true match – Hypnose Drama. I’ve been using Lancome for many years now – and I guess I’ll never change that. It’s by far my absolute number one mascara. It gives my lashes both volume and length – and it doesn’t make my lashes stick together. Of course I’ve tried other ones as well, but no one really seems to make me change my mind! So girls, if you haven’t tried this one – you should!

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