The Perfect Summer Dress

Happy Saturday ♥  How are you all doing? Hope you’re all doing amazing! The sun is shining today – so to be inside with my dearest history books isn’t exactly how I want to spend my saturday, but the exams is right around the corner. I’ve been studying all week – day and night – and finally all the years and periods are stuck in my brain! Haha, I can’t help feeling like a totally geek.. But that’s a good thing, I guess?

So while taking breaks from the books I’ve been working on this fabulous cute summer dress and I’m finally done! When I found this fabric I just had to get it and the design just popped right into my head! I took these pictures before I put the pieces together, but it came out amazing, right?


I can’t wait to wear it! And I guess it will be the perfect dress for 17th of May which is Norway’s national day. I usually wear my national costume called “bunad” – but this year I think I’ll go for something else. What do you guys think of the dress and fabric? Wear or tear?


Now I’m actually on my way out the door – kind of need a little break! I just wanted to wish you all a good one ♥

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