Crazy Weeks

Hi sweeties ♥  I’m so sorry for my absent on my blog lately, but it has been pretty hectic. Life’s just really chaotic at this moment. My first of seven exams starts in 10 days which means that I’ll be putting on a beast-mode and literally hide from the world these next couple of weeks! And it’s also crazy here – we’re fixing and redecorating the whole house (both inside and outside)  so there’s workers and stuff everywhere. Not so exciting for you to see, right? I spend my days hiding behind tons of books – so life’s kind of mega boring atm!

That’s why I haven’t been blogging. There’s just not enough time to get it all done! I’ll be focusing on my studies these next weeks and I really hope you understand, but I’ll try to post daily – but I can’t promise anything yet! ♥ Just know that I’m so envious in all of you who can go outside and do lots of fun stuff these days.. But I’ll better get back to my books now.. – have an amazing sunday loves ♥ 


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