Mid Season Sale

Hi loves ♥  This week has been crazy hectic, and I’ve still got tons of work to do. Luckily the easter vacation starts on friday – so I’ll be able to get a lot done before school starts again! Puh! I can’t believe it’s only one month left before I’ll have to turn on the beast mode and take all the exams I’ve signed up for. Today the sun’s finally shining again and it’s a great day – too bad I’ll have to spend it inside reading history. Since there hasn’t been any outfit pictures lately – I’ve made a little mood board on what I would love to wear today! And I also wanted to let you know that NELLY’s midseason sale started today so be sure to check it out;

outfit1Leather Jacket – Nelly   //   Dress – Nelly   //   Bag – Asos   //   Shoes – Nelly

Adlink //


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