New Year’s Resolutions?

It’s monday – and I guess all of you’re already back on your daily schedule after the holidays. Well, I’m not quite there yet! Instead of making new year’s resolutions (since I’m one of those who only sticks to it for certain period of time, before it gets boring)  I’ve decided to focus on one week at the time instead. Let’s get one thing clear: I’m not against New Year’s Resolutions, but it’s just not for me. Every year I’ve ended up having the same resolutions, so this year  different has to be good. What about you? Have you made any resolutions this year? 

Mondays for me means a new week to turn things around. New opportunities. A fresh start – which I really really need after a holiday like this one. I’ve consumed way too much alcohol and not to start with all the laziness and good food. School don’t start until next week, so I’m a little behind on my hectic daily life. This week I’ll have to start waking up earlier and get some school work done – so I’m ahead and prepared.

Have an amazing day loves ♥


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