For this weeks #TravelThursday I decided to look back on my last season in Ayia Napa – Cyprus. As some of you may now this year was my second season working there – and three years ago my bestie and I went on holiday to check out this so called “heavenly” place. Summer 2013 was pretty incredible – to say at least! I didn’t have high hopes or expectations – my brother and I just packed our bags and went on an adventure we’ll never forget. Having the time of our lives. I will always remember summer 2013 as the season where everything changed for the better. This was the summer I learned a lot about myself and what I wanted to do in life. If you’re thinking about working abroad summer 14′ I really recommend you to just pack your bags and go! Have fun. Embrace new hobbies and places and love where you are. You’ll never regret it – I promise!


Tan. Met some amazing people. Had a blast. Nissi Beach. Driving around. Enjoying life. Parties. Shopping. Blue Moon. Sommersby. Tequila. Drinks. Bartending. Hotels. Sunny days. Wine and dine. Memories. Apartments. Crazy. Late nights. Party Boat. Dj’s. Grabbarna Grus. Aqua Nightclub. Love. Joy. Friends forever. Pool. Lazy days. Travel. Everyday. All day. Lack of sleep. Go hard. Go home. Ocean. 40 degrees. Laughs. Mistakes. Family. Crew. Zic Zac. More People. Wild. Shots. Tears. More great people. No regrets. Fish. Best Mexican Food. More alcohol. Funny.


Skills. Sand beneath my toes. Snapy’s. Scandinavians. Ayia Fucking Napa. Music. Cheers. Randoms. Sexy Sweden. And the list will continue on.. I’ll never forget my summer on this wonderful island and we’re not done yet!

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