ny1So you’ve probably already guessed which city this week’s all about – New York. I’ll never regret quitting regular boring high school for the world’s most amazing city. I learned so much about myself and who I want to be. The time spent apart from my family and friends made me independent. I met the best people ever. Honestly – I had the time OF my life! ny2I’ll never forget the walks in central park. The skyscrapers. All the kindness and sweet people. My teachers and what I learned. The memories will stay close for as long as I live. Launch parties. Release parties. Endless nights. Belonging. Fashion. Design. Always inspired and happy. You can do anything – anytime you want.


Times Square. Designers. Soho. 5th Avenue. Greenwich Village. Luxury cinemas. My favorite d-lite frozen yoghurt. Hollywood Planet. Hard Rock Café. Got styled by an amazing make-up stylist. Collage parties. Red cups. Dinners. Restaurants. The view. Champagne. Halloween. Snow. Christmas. Ben & Jerry’s.



Lots of trips to IKEA – only for cinnamon buns. Movies. The Met Steps. Gossip Girl. Midnight walks. Upper east. Hotel nights at the Palace. Grand Central. Hurting feet. High heels. Shopping. Shopping. And more shopping. Photography lessons. Macy’s. The Norwegian Church. Holidays. Brooklyn.



Gilt. Carrie’s steps. Sex and the city. Bendel’s. Breakfast at tiffay’s. And the list is endless. I’m so grateful I got the chance to live in this city. I can’t actually believe I LIVED there – it feels more like a dream! If you haven’t seen this beautiful world – I really recommend going. You’ll never forget or regret it – I promise.. ♥



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