How To Make Your Own Make-Up Display

DIY display1

This make-up / lipstick display is super cute, so easy to make  – and it’s a perfect way to display all your favorite make-up. The great thing about it is that you can personalize it any way you want and since the holiday’s coming up – why not give this as a gift for you friend or family? I had so much fun doing this – and I’ve already made two with different decoration. DIY display21) Measure your ribbon unto the canvas so it covers the front, sides and 2 cm of the back and cut three or so many rows that you want to create. I choose to make 3 rows and used both black and white ribbons.

2) If you’re using two colors like me – be sure to hot glue so they won’t fall apart.

3) Now that your ribbons are done – start placing them onto the canvas with the height of your desire.

DIY display34) Now you’re going to hot glue the ribbons on to the canvas. Start with the back first.

5) When you’re hot glueing the sides – make sure to only glue half of the canvas size or the ribbons will get very tight – and you don’t want that to happen.

6) Now we’re going to loosely glue the bottom strip  – this is going to hold your ribbon and have all your items not fall out of your display.  Then repeat the side by adding glue to half of the canvas and hot glue the back. Repeat all these steps for as many strips you want your display to have.

7) You’re basically done, but if you want to personalize it there’s endless ways to make it more you!

8) Decorate and hot glue all your decor the way you want it – and voila!

DIY display4

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