Baby, It’s Cold Outside


As fall is sneaking up on us, and it’s about to get a lot colder out there. I’ve been getting some inspiration from different street style pictures and put together a little guide for you to enjoy when shopping for your new fall/winter wardrobe. Hope you like it!


Every fashionista should have a faux fur hanging in your closet. It’s almost a must-have. Not only does these keep you warm throughout the next months, the fur really do wonders to your outfit – the little extra! You can find these cuties here, here, and here.


Knits are the perfect choice for almost every daily occasion when it’s cold outside. You’ll find them in every color and shape. My personal favorite is the turtleneck – especially if you want to stay warm without wearing an additional scarf. I also love the braided cable knits – it kind of gives the sweater a little more clean classy look. You can find my faves here; 1. the classic version // 2. Cross knit here // 3. Pocket knit // 4. Turtleneck here.

paaants copy

What I love the most about fall is that you finally get to wear pants all day, all night. I don’t usually do it in the summer because I kind of have a huge thing for skirts and shorts – but for fall/winter the pants really does a lot. You can find my faves here, here and here.

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