The Office

Morning sweeties! After organizing my closet yesterday I spent the rest of the evening/night working on my collection. I didn’t go to bed before 6 am, I totally forget about time and place! Guess you can say that I’m pretty tired atm, but the world doesn’t stop and wait so it’s time to get up and ready for a new day. Before I go do my monday errands I want to share a few pictures of my office for you to enjoy this cold morning;


I always have some new magazines and fashion books at my desk to look for inspiration when I sketch. It’s great for ideas! You can find some great books here.


I keep some of my favorite fabrics nicely folded in this cabinet. The rest I keep in big bags sorted by colors.


Over my favorite fabrics I’ve got some more books and some of my sketches, flats and mood boards.


I’ve got 2 printers – one for regular prints and one a canon A3 photo printer for my portfolio pictures and designs. I’ve also got some of my pens, markers and sewing accessories nearby my work station – it makes it a lot easier! Hope you enjoyed this and maybe some of you got some ideas on how to make your own office. I’ll better get ready. Have an amazing monday ♥

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