Shopping Spree

Hi loves ♥ How’s everything? Did anyone do something fun this weekend? I had the most relaxed weekend ever where the couch turned out to be my new best friend. I almost feel guilty for consuming only sweets and alcohol. Luckily for me – tomorrow’s monday and I get to start fresh! It’s time to cleanse my body and catch up with my energy – and not to mention my studies!

Anyway, on friday S and I went on a little shopping spree – and I bought this new beanie at H&M. My obsession with spikes has gone to another level – when I saw it I knew I just had to get it! It’s sooo chic and I can’t wait to wear it! I also bought some jeans and some more make-up – a girl can never get enough, right? Now I’ll have to start cleaning out my closet, so I’ll try to get my sales blog up and running by midnight. Have a good one ❤

IMG_3887 IMG_2874

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