Shoe Obsession Disorder

If heavy shoe obsession could have a name it should definitely be SOD – shoe obsession disorder, and I would probably be one of the many people suffering from that decease. Yesterday I got a total of 8 new pair in my fantastic collection. Yeah, I’m insane, and yes, I collect shoes! And believe it or not, when I scrolled through the sale again yesterday to get the links for you guys, I ended up wanting a couple more. This really has to stop, or I’ll have to choose between shoes and food! Hmm.. Anyway, here’s some of my new boyfriends;

Love, love, love them. One of my faves! You’ll find them here.


These will definitely come in handy  – all sizes left!


My new favorite pair of shoes. So comfy! Can be found here.


These beauties can be found here – size 36, 37 & 38 left.


I really loved these ones. Can be found here.


Perfect for holiday season – size 36, 37 & 38 left. Find them here.

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