Hi sweeties! ♥ I’m finally starting to feel a little better. The fever’s gone – so I’m only left with a runny nose and constant sneezing.  How are you all feeling? I’ve decided to give my core workout a try today – since the cold left me feeling incredible tired I didn’t feel like doing anything except cardio last week. What a bummer…

Anyway, it’s #travelthursday – this week I’ve decided to show you some pictures of my weekend in Boston! And guess what? I’m actually looking at tickets right now – planning my next adventure.. Where to go? The world is filled with so many incredible cities!


Boston was unbelievable. So much history. So much to see. So little time. I went on the Harvard Museum of natural history. Walked the streets of Cambridge. Got lost at Harvard University. Saw some amazingly huge buildings. Did a little shopping. Harvard Faculty Club. Boston City Hall. Went to the famous Quincy market. Ate the best pasta in my life. Did some shopping. Fenway Park. Red Sox Museum. Lots of donuts and coffee. The Cheers bar. Ordering in. An amazing weekend I’ll never forget!


2 thoughts on “#TravelThursday

  1. WOW that’s so exciting!! i feel as though i’m living vicariously through you. can’t wait for the next post.


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