To New Beginnings

Happy Monday Loves! To me – monday is a perfect opportunity to start over – like a fresh start which I really need right now. The last week was filled with loads of pasta, alcohol and lack of sleep, which has made me feel super bloated and drained. My energy is really bad and I feel exhausted. It’s time to start over. I’ve made a promise to myself that I really intend to keep – only healthy food and at least one workout a day until I’m leaving. So probably I’ll feel fresh by then and if lucky – manage to keep my healthy lifestyle there as well.

So now I’m off to my second workout this week – Stoltzen (which I’ve told you about earlier – it’s about 1000 huge stone steps up the mountain) and my bestie and brother’s gonna join me – so let the legs, thighs and butt burn! Have an amazing day ❤


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