Up & Above

(This was supposed to be published a few hours ago, but you can never trust the powerful wifi on-board a plane these days – so here you go;)

Morning sweeties! Right now I’m actually enjoying the sky view, and it got me thinking back on those days when I was little – when I thought the clouds was made of cotton – that it was possible to jump from cloud to cloud. It’s quite funny thinking back on all those silly things I thought was possible. Like everyone had secret powers and we all were supernatural. Lucky I’ve gotten a little smarter, or at least I hope so!

It’s only 45 minutes until we arrive at Bergen Airport and I’m crossing everything I got for nice weather – even if it’s almost impossible when you live in the capital of rain. I’m actually pretty tired after only gotten 5 hours of sleep – so I guess I’ve got a long day ahead of me, but I’ll gotta do my best to stay awake and enjoy the weekend!
Have an amazing day and I’ll see you when I’m home ❤ 


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