Principauté de Monaco

Evening loves! I’m finally in bed after the spending the whole sunny day in Monaco – what I consider the most amazing place on earth. Even if my feet hurts and got blisters both over and under themselves I’ve got nothing to complain about. Stupid as I am I didn’t pack any comfty walkable shoes at all – I only focused on fashion and what to wear on nights out. Guess I only have myself to blame, so tomorrow agenda; shoe shopping!

Monaco is one of my favorite cities by far – the atmosphere is totally different than any other place I’ve ever been and the cleanest – I only saw a few cigarette butts on the ground , probably around 3-5 the whole day walking around in the state. Since I love architect – I especially noticed all the amazing details on the buildings. Not to mention all the unbelievable yachts and cars driving around. No, I wouldn’t mind living there!

We ate lunch at the famous Café de Paris and had a mix of drinks, wine and of course my favorite;  champagne here and there in between the walking, mostly because of my feet. We even had to do some extra walking thanks to the F1 Grand Prix’s grandstands and barricades everywhere – always such a lucky bastard! What’s great with Monaco is that you can walk through and see it all in just one day (probably a couple of hours in good shoes).

Now my body’s totally exhausted and my feet really needs to rest before tomorrow’s shopping spree –  have a good night’s sleep everyone – I sure need it!


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