Hi loves! Hope you’re all enjoying the weekend – I sure do! Today I finally got to sleep come extra hours which I really really needed after a week full of appointments and my exam – so today I’ve been doing absolutely nothing except grocery shopping.

As I’ve been working out all 7 days this week – I’m thinking of taking one day off to relax, but on the other hand I might feel a bit guilty tomorrow morning. Hmm.. What to do? The workout program I’m following is going great and I can’t believe week one is already finished! Even though it has been days in pain where I’ve barely managed to walk – I can see results – which means it’s really working! I’m so excited and happy!

I’ve also been making a lot of delicious food this week – so if you guys want recipes – shout out! Now I’m about to enjoy my homemade protein burger with lowcarb bread.. Jummy! Have a wonderful weekend! 


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