“Greater Things Come To Those Who Get Off Their Ass & Do Anything To Make It Happen.”

Hi sweeties! I know it’s been awhile since my last post, but I’ve been so busy studying lately. I finished my subject yesterday and since my first exam is next week – I should be studying right now, but both my body and brain needed a break. I actually can’t wait for all this to be over so I finally can go a day without massive thoughts in my head!

The good news is that in just one month I’ll be going to our family apartment in France for a seriously lazy week laying in the sun. Exactly what I need after these crazy last couple of months.. I don’t even want to get into details.. But my biggest problem at the moment is my lifestyle – It has gone from bad to worse in just one month. I’ve to admit that after I got my car my feet hasn’t walk anywhere – which wasn’t like me a year ago. So I’ve decided to change and turn it all around. I’ve done it before – so I can do it again! 


I actually just came home from a run outside which really got me thinking. I’m not in a good place right now – or my body is far from where it once was! So I’ve done a little research and I’ve decided to go back to a program called P90x. Maybe you’ve heard about it? It’s a great workout program which really gives you the results you’re looking for. I’ve done it before and I’m so ready for a new change and challenge. I really recommend it to all of you who’s looking for something explosive and unusual which gives great result!


So I’ll be starting my first workout already tomorrow – which I’m really looking forward to. Who’s with me? Since this a prio fashion blog I’ll not be posting my progress everyday – but I’ll be writing along the journey and show you some results when I get them!

I can’t wait to finally get back on track – and get the body I’m dreaming of!
Have a wonderful weekend everyone! ❤ 



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